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how to execute some select query on the table which is being locked and used by other program/job ? NewsOnStock.Com
posted by : saravana.vsk on Fri May 05 12:16:38 UTC 2017

When i program updating/deleting larger number of rows in the db2 table , it's resulting in 904 abend . db2 return code 904 - unavailable resource.
posted by : saravana.vsk on Fri May 05 12:13:31 UTC 2017

Db2 query to display only first n rows from select query ?
posted by : saravana.vsk on Wed Apr 05 10:57:37 UTC 2017

How to format the Date & Time from DB2 Table using SQL Query ?
posted by : 11heartbeats on Thu Jan 16 08:55:56 UTC 2014

How to view or list all synonyms in db2 ? like sysibm.systables?
posted by : saravana.vsk on Wed Jan 15 13:01:07 UTC 2014

What is the difference between BIND and Rebind in db2?
posted by : saravana.vsk on Mon Jan 13 11:38:35 UTC 2014